PPHS Promotes Health Care Reform

Planned Parenthood Health Systems took advantage of Congress’s August recess to press for health care reform that safeguards women’s health.  Reproductive healthcare is vital to health of women and their families.  For so many of these women, Planned Parenthood is their primary source for medical care.

While opponents of health care reform have been very loud and very visible, we have remained just as visible – though not necessarily as loud.  Throughout the course of the summer, we have attended numerous health care town hall meetings hosted by members of Congress.  We have asked pointed questions to ensure that women’s healthcare is strengthened through health care reform. 

Planned Parenthood activists show support for women's healthcare
during a visit to Raleigh by President Obama.

In addition to town hall appearances, we have been meeting privately with members of Congress to lobby for specific proposals in the health care reform measures.  After all, no other organization understands reproductive health care as well as Planned Parenthood. 

Our greatest concern is ensuring that anti-choice forces in Congress do not undermine reproductive healthcare for women.  That is why Planned Parenthood is pressing to have our health centers characterized as “essential community providers” to ensure that women and their families are able to best access reproductive medical care without interference.

PPHS staff and volunteers were front and center at
Rep. Rick Boucher's August town hall meeting
in Dublin, VA, one of many town hall meetings in our region
where PPHS was visibly active.

Planned Parenthood’s status as an essential community provider is detailed in a Roanoke Times editorial that was published this September.  It is one of many PPHS editorials and media statements we have placed during the ongoing debate over reform.

Throughout the summer, we have also used phone-banking and canvassing efforts to inform people about health care reform and to enlist our advocates to lobby their members of Congress. 

Finally, we have also been collecting numerous patient stories regarding health care and the importance of the care they receive at each of our 12 health centers.

Now that the Congress is back in session, we are redoubling our efforts to ensure that reproductive healthcare is protected under health care reform.  All the while we will continue to provide affordable, professional healthcare to women, men and teens.  After all, Planned Parenthood Health Systems (as our name attests) is, first and foremost, a healthcare provider.

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