Charleston Ribbon Cutting

        The weather was hot in Charleston on June 12.  Yet, more than 100 donors, supporters and advocates hugged and cheered during our community-wide Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to celebrate the triumphant opening of our newest health center in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Pictured from the left are healthcare founders Janet Segal,
Patty Uffelman and Ronda Dean during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

        Local supporters Janet Segal, Patty Uffelman, Ronda Dean, Harriet Williams and Harriet Rigney began working to establish the Charleston center nearly a decade ago.  The ribbon-cutting event marked the culmination of their enduring effort to bring Planned Parenthood’s preventive healthcare and education services into their community.

        In his remarks during the ribbon-cutting, PPHS President/CEO Walter Klausmeier stated, “Today, we celebrate the opening of our Planned Parenthood health center.  Tomorrow – and every tomorrow thereafter – we must ensure that Charleston’s women, men and teens can access the health care and education they need to decide when they are best able to have a child and raise a family.”

The newly renovated Charleston Health Center at
200 Rutledge Avenue offers preventive reproductive
health care services on weekdays, evenings and Saturdays.

       Walt Klausmeier negotiated the purchase of the building on New Year’s Eve in 2007.  By late fall of 2008, the building had been renovated, the staff had been hired and trained and we began serving patients from throughout the Charleston area.

        Leading the Charleston staff is Health Center Manager Janet Stevens.  Before joining the staff, Janet had been serving as Manager of five school-based clinics for the Medical University of South Carolina's College of Nursing.  She has a Masters Degree in Health Care Administration.  Since 2004 she has been a member of the Charleston County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Council where she served as Chair for two years. 

Tours of the health center, including of the waiting room pictured here,
were among the highlights of June’s ribbon-cutting event.

        “It’s an exciting time to be in Charleston,” says Janet.  “I have high hopes our new Health Center will address the many unmet family planning needs in the area for many years to come.”






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