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The mission of Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio’s Education and Training Department is to empower people to make informed, responsible sexual health decisions through comprehensive sexuality education. Comprehensive, evidence-based sexuality education seeks to help people develop a positive view of sexuality and provide them with information and skills to take care of their sexual health now and in the future.

Since 1928, Planned Parenthood affiliates in Ohio have been providing sexual health services to their communitities. Sexuality is a healthy, lifelong aspect of all of us. This philosophy can be translated into the New 3Rs:  Rights, Respect, and Responsibility.

We believe that youth have the right to accurate information and access to health services.

We respect youth as valued members of the community, with much to offer.

We trust youth and adults to make responsible decisions when they are provided information, taught skills, and given support to do so.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio’s Education and Training programs:

  • Use different teaching techniques to address the different learning styles of students
  • Are age appropriate
  • Can be conducted in English or Spanish


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