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Prevention First is Focus of Planned Parenthood Services

Statement from Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

(Manchester, NH ) The recent controversy over students visiting our health center in Manchester, New Hampshire, ignores Planned Parenthood of Northern New England’s (PPNNE) important role as one among many essential groups working in collaboration with other youth-serving organizations to meet the health and educational needs of young people and the adults who care for them.

We were proud to be invited on a recent tour of prevention resources for at-risk teens in Manchester. We were selected by the YMCA because we share in the community responsibility to help teens navigate the sometimes-tumultuous transition to adulthood with as much support and as many resources as possible – and – we have a responsibility to support parents as well.

Over the past several years, much of our work has been guided by a simple goal: break down the silence between adults and teens in regard to sexual health and relationships. From professional training programs on the teenage brain to parent house parties and the recent Parent Expo in Manchester, the challenge and the focus has been to promote family communication and health in an era where teens are deluged by a highly sexualized popular culture.

Our community educator’s brief presentation to these at-risk kids focused solely on preventive health. Ironically, it was the protesters who raised the abortion issue as they clustered around the students, thrusting brochures at them.

PPNNE provides a safe and supportive environment where we work to provide teens and parents with the skills and health care they need.  Our goal is to be a bridge – not a wedge – between parents and their teens.   

Attention Broadcasters: If you would like to capture in actuality this statement as recorded by Nancy Mosher, President/CEO, please call 1.800.639.8058 after 2:30 pm.  




Skeek Frazee, Director of Communications
1.800. 854.9762
Published: 06.13.07

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