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American Chronicles: Birthright
The New Yorker

Behind Planned Parenthood’s Social-Media Magic
The Chronicle of Philanthropy



More Teenagers Use "Highly Effective Contraception"
New York Times

State Health Flexibilty Act Includes Anti-Abortion Clause
Ms. Magazine

Texas Cannot Exclude Planned Parenthood From Health Program: Judge

In Tough Times, Three Planned Parenthood Branches Fight Back by Merging
New York Times

Why Planned Parenthood Matters

On Campus, Opening Up Conversations About Sex
New York Times

Teenage Birth Rates Continue to Drop
New York Times

Two Years in the Life of a Texas Planned Parenthood: "We’re Figuring This Out as We Go."
Washington Post

Curbing Female Reproductive Rights Raises Taxpayer Costs

Obama Praises Planned Parenthood in Video
USA Today

Why You Have The Pill to Thank for 30% of Your Paycheck

GOP "War on Women" Loses Momentum in The States
Huffington Post

Interview with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards
The Daily Show


Opinion and Editorials

Why I Fight to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal
The Root

Why Religious People Should Support the Rights of Women in Reproductive Decisions
Huffington Post

Celebrating Women's Health and the Affordable Care Act
Huffington Post

A Letter to Mitt Romney: What "Getting Rid" of Planned Parenthood Means
Huffington Post

What Romney Wants to "Get Rid Of"
Huffington Post

Planned Parenthood Changed My Life

A Bad Amendment Defeated
New York Times

Planned Parenthood's Deep Bench
The Atlantic

Planned Parenthood Worthy of Continued Financial Support
Huffington Post

Maggie Gyllenhaal on Planned Parenthood: "We Have to Fight for What We Believe In"

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