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Tom Subak


Tom Subak is chief information officer (CIO) for Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and Planned Parenthood Action Fund. As CIO, Mr. Subak oversees the development of the long-term information and technology strategy and execution for PPFA and the federation. In his previous role as vice president for strategic initiatives, Mr. Subak coordinated initiatives across all areas of Planned Parenthoodís work ó health care, advocacy, education ó that ensured successful implementation of Planned Parenthoodís strategic plan. He led the organizationís efforts to harness the influence of new technologies and to engage a new generation.

Mr. Subak joined the PPFA staff as vice president of online services in April 2005, after serving as a key online strategy consultant. He has successfully built Planned Parenthood's online strategy around health care services, education, and opportunities for involvement with donors, activists, volunteers, and potential employees. He has negotiated external partnerships and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences about Planned Parenthoodís reach and impact. His leadership in partnership with affiliates has transformed Planned Parenthood Online into one of the federationís most successful initiatives.

Prior to joining PPFA, Mr. Subak was the founder and CEO of the e Organization ó an Internet strategy consulting group that worked exclusively with nonprofit organizations and political campaigns. The e Organization was acquired by Mindshare Interactive Campaigns (now named RepEquity), after which Mr. Subak joined PPFA. Before founding the e Organization, he spent 10 years with the Fund for the Public Interest, a national nonprofit organization that works to increase the visibility, membership, and political power of the nationís leading environmental and progressive groups. At the fund, Mr. Subak ran several state ballot-initiative campaigns, a 75-office national canvass and field operation on behalf of clients including the PIRGs, the Sierra Club, and the Human Rights Campaign among others, and created and launched the fundís first major donor program. He also served as the organizationís national canvass director.

Mr. Subak is a frequent guest speaker and writer on all things related to the Internet. He is a graduate of Hobart College.

To arrange an interview with Tom Subak, please call the PPFA media team at 212-261-4433.

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