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PPFA Maggie Awards for Media Excellence 19782005


  • Glamour magazine for "Yes, You Can Save Women's Lives"
  • CBS-TV for Cold Case "Volunteer" episode
  • Rev. Tom Davis for Sacred Work: Planned Parenthood and Its Clergy Alliances
  • Kinsey
  • Vera Drake


  • Women's eNews for overall excellence in reporting on reproductive rights and health
  • Working Assets for covering reproductive rights and health on and for donating a portion of the proceeds of its various services to nonprofit organizations, including Planned Parenthood


  • Human Rights Watch for its website,
  • The WB Television Network for Everwood "The Kissing Bridge" episode
  • People magazine for "An Iowa Mystery"
  • HBO films for Real Woman Have Curves
  • HBO for Six Feet Under for its unique depiction of sexuality, gay and straight


  • Ellen Goodman, syndicated columnist for the Boston Globe, special award for consistently insightful opinions about the need to protect women's reproductive health and rights
  • San Diego Union-Tribune, for "Girl and Boy, Interrupted"
  • Ann Telnaes, syndicated cartoonist, Tribune Media Service, for editorial cartoons in support of reproductive rights
  • Essence magazine for "In Case of Emergency" and "If All Else Fails"
  • ABC News 20/20 for "Abortion & Terrorism"
  • MPH Entertainment, Inc. for The History of Sex in the 20th Century
  • Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS) for its Web site,
  • NBC-TV for Law & Order: Criminal Intent "The Third Horseman" episode
  • NBC-TV for Days of Our Lives for daytime drama about sexual and reproductive health
  • HBO for Sex and the City for its treatment of sexual and reproductive health issues
  • Daimler-Chrysler for a television advertisement that uses sexuality in a positive and humorous way
  • Fast Company magazine for "Planned Parenthood's 25-Year Plan"


  • Patt Morrison, columnist, Los Angeles Times special award for Spontaneous Activism
  • Los Angeles Times for coverage of reproductive health issues
  • Glamour magazine for "Why I Risk My Life to Do Abortions"
  • Richard North Patterson for Protect and Defend
  • The Dallas Morning News for editorials on family planning
  • Queen Latifah/Telepictures Productions for "Teens Desperate to Have Babies: Convincing Them to Wait"
  • Hispanic Radio Network for "Mundo 2000 International Women's Day"
  • The Feminist Majority Foundation for their website,
  • Joan Osborne for advocacy and education through music
  • Rod Lurie for The Contender
  • NBC-TV for Third Watch "Faith" episode
  • ABC-TV for General Hospital for daytime drama about sexual and reproductive health


  • Teen People magazine for coverage of our issues
  • Mike Peters for cartoons supporting reproductive health and rights issues
  • Natalie Marie Angier for Woman: An Intimate Geography
  • Judy Mann for columns covering our issues
  • NBC-TV for 3rd Rock from the Sun "Sex and the Sally" episode
  • MTV/Kaiser Family Foundation for True Life: I Need Sex RX
  • The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation for their website,
  • NBC-TV for The West Wing pilot episode
  • Ani DiFranco for "Hello Birmingham"
  • Eve Ensler for The Vagina Monologues
  • John Irving/Miramax Films for The Cider House Rules


  • Glamour magazine for "The Truth About Abortion and Women's Health"
  • The Village Voice for "Roe v. Wade: 25 Years Later"
  • The Metro Times for "Matter of the Heart"
  • Cedar Rapids Gazette (IA) for "Dangerous Liaisons"
  • Waco Tribune-Herald for columns on reproductive health care and freedom
  • KCRG-TV for "Dangerous Liaisons"
  • KRON-TV for "First Cut: AIDS Update"
  • CBS-TV Cosby "Now Is The Time, The Walrus Said" episode
  • Youth Radio for "Youth Voices on Sex"
  • for "Maternal Morality Worldwide: Dying for Motherhood"


  • Sarasota magazine for "Sex, Lies and Politics"
  • The Houston Chronicle for editorials on family planning, reproductive rights, and Planned Parenthood
  • The Washington Post for a series of cartoons on family planning, legislation, and abortion rights by Herb Block
  • HBO for If These Walls Could Talk
  • KRON-TV for "First Cut 97-05"
  • NBC-TV for "The More You Know" PSAs
  • Hispanic Radio Network for "Buscando la Belleza" (Searching For Beauty and Health)


  • Self magazine for "What's New in Birth Control?"
  • The Nation magazine for Katha Pollitt's columns on the abortion issue
  • The Chicago Tribune for "Gambling With Life: Why Parents Defy Odds and Circumstance to Have More Babies"
  • HBO for The Dying Rooms
  • HBO for Sandra's Web: A Mother's Diary
  • ABC for Home Improvement "The Vasectomy One" episode
  • NBC-TV for Dateline NBC for "The Toughest Choice"


  • Glamour magazine for "An Abortion Doctor's Diary of Terror"
  • Ser Padres magazine for "Niñas Que Son Madres"
  • The Boston Globe for coverage of December 30 murders at the Brookline, MA, clinics
  • CNN for "Christian Soldiers"
  • NBC-TV Dateline for "Dutch Treat"
  • NBC-TV for Law and Order "Progeny" episode
  • Lucky Duck Productions, with Ogilvy Adams and Rinehart, for Smart Sex
  • Youth Radio for "The Realities of Teen Pregnancy: A Day in My Life by Ayoka Medlock"
  • Monitor Radio for "Population Perspective"
  • Honorable Mention
    • The Beaumont Enterprise (TX) for "Kids Having Kids"


  • The Nation magazine for "Eastward, Christian Soldiers! Right-to-Lifers Hit Russia"
  • Concord Monitor (NH) for series "Sex Education Teen Realities"
  • Chicago Tribune for series "Saving Our Children: When Kids Have Kids"
  • Concentric Media and KTEH-TV for When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories
  • Home Box Office for Talking Sex: Making Love in the '90s
  • KSBW-TV for Not Me: Innocence in the Time of AIDS
  • WBBR 1130 AM for "Condom-Phobics"


  • The Philadelphia Daily News for "Out of Control"
  • Daily Local News (West Chester, PA) for editorial cartoon by Rick Cole
  • Glamour magazine for "Why Do We Romanticize the Fetus?"
  • Health magazine for "The Birth Control Bind"
  • Home Box Office for Life Stories: Families in Crisis for "Public Law 106: The Becky Bell Story"
  • WHSW-TV 24 for "In Your interest/Teen Pregnancy"
  • Media Works, Inc. for Sex Education in America: AIDS and Adolescence
  • WHTZ-100 FM for "Z-100 Love Phones"


  • Glamour magazine for "Where Are the Doctors Who Will Do Abortions?"
  • The San Diego Union for five-part series "Bedside Planners: Contraception in the '90s"
  • The Washington Post for series of cartoons on family planning and legislation by Herb Block
  • ABC-TV for Roseanne "A Bitter Pill to Swallow" episode
  • ABC News for PrimeTime Live for "Lying In Wait"
  • ABC News for 20/20 for "Is This Our Future?"
  • KING 5 TELEVISION for Sexual Survival
  • Monitor Radio for "Women and AIDS"
  • Honorable Mention
    • Univision Network News for "Buffalo Anti-Abortion Demonstrations" and for The Cristina Show for "Condomania"


  • The Washington Post for series of cartoons on family planning and legislation by Herb Block
  • The Dallas Morning News for six-part series "Sex Lies and Big Brother: Sexual Tyranny in Romania"
  • Glamour magazine for "Teenage and Pregnant" and "The Politics of Birth Control"
  • NBC/Carsey Werner Co. for A Different World "If I Should Die Before I Wake" episode
  • World Monitor Television for "Women with AIDS"
  • Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. for Peter Jennings Reporting: The New Civil War


  • San Francisco Examiner for series of columns on reproductive rights issues by Suzanne Salter
  • Newsweek magazine for coverage of the abortion issue
  • Lifetime Television for Ask Me Anything: How To Talk to Kids About Sex
  • WPLG-TV for "AIDS en la Familia"
  • Tribune Entertainment, Inc. for The Geraldo Rivera Show "To Be Gay in the Midst of the AIDS Catastrophe"
  • NBC-TV for L.A. Law "Captain Hurt" episode


  • ABC-TV for 20/20 for "The Abortion Pill"
  • NBC-TV for "Roe v. Wade" and A Different World "No Means No" episode
  • ABC Radio for "American Agenda: Abortion"
  • New Woman magazine for "A Matter of Life and Love: One Woman's Story"
  • Arkansas Gazette for "Children Having Children"


  • Essence magazine for "A Matter of Choice"
  • Los Angeles Times for its series "Prenatal Care: Less Costs More"
  • WSM Radio/Nashville for "AIDS: Plague of the '80s"
  • NBC-TV for A Year in the Life "Things You Should Know Before and After" episode
  • NBC-TV for outstanding segments on AIDS and young people on Main Street
  • ABC-TV for outstanding news segments on AIDS and contraceptive technology on Good Morning America and for World News Tonight for its series on world population


  • ABC-TV for made-for-TV-movie Daddy
  • NBC-TV for "AIDS Composite"
  • KING-TV for two-hour documentary Teen Sex: What about the Kids?
  • Working Woman magazine for feature on "Where 'Boss' Stops and 'Friend' Begins"
  • Alabama Journal for a series of articles titled "Teen Pregnancy: An Alabama Tragedy"


  • NBC-TV for St. Elsewhere "Boom Boom Womb" and "To Tell the Truth" segments
  • WIVB-TV for Family Secrets (Documentary)
  • Vogue magazine for "Selling Chastity: The Sly New Attack on Your Sexual Freedom"
  • The Washington Post for a six-part series "At Risk: Chronicles of Teen-Age Pregnancy"


  • ABC-TV for World News Tonight for "Almost Adults"
  • ABC-TV for 20/20 for "Sex Education"
  • NBC-TV for Today for "Sex Education"
  • WJLA-TV for five-part series on "When Babies Have Babies"
  • NBC Radio for "It Can Happen Anywhere" (child sexual abuse)
  • WEEI Newsradio for "The Learning Center" (teenage sex and pregnancy)
  • Youth News, Oakland, CA, for "Heartthrobs and Hormones" (teenage sex and pregnancy)
  • The Boston Globe for a series of editorials supporting reproductive rights and reproductive health
  • Mike Peters for an editorial cartoon satirizing the federal government's position on reproductive rights
  • Glamour magazine for "The Battle Against Planned Parenthood" (Feature Article)
  • Glamour magazine for "Why We Can't Be Silent About Anti-Abortion Tactics" (Feature Article)
  • Image magazine, Texas Christian University, for "Smart Sex" (Feature Article)
  • Ms. magazine for "The Fetus and The Law Whose Life is it Anyway?" (Feature Article)
  • Time magazine for "The Population Curse" (Cover Story)


  • ABC News' 20/20 for "Too Much, Too Soon"
  • WCBS-TV for "Preventing Teen Pregnancy: The HUB Program"
  • NBC-TV/UBU Productions/Paramount Television for Family Ties "Ready or Not" episode
  • KAMR-TV, KFDA-TV, and KVII-TV (Amarillo, TX) for a unique cooperative effort to promote 1983 National Family Sexuality Education Week
  • Family Circle magazine for "What Kids Really Want to Know About Sex but Are Afraid to Ask"
  • Seventeen magazine for "Sex and Your Body"
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch for "Children Having Children"
  • The Bergen Record (NJ) for a series of four editorials


  • ABC News' Nightline for "Teen Contraception The Baltimore Experiment," "Abortion Clinic Violence," and "Anti-Abortion Setback" (Television News)
  • KPIX-TV for "The Snitch Rule" and "Snitch Rule Update" (Television Editorial)
  • NBC-TV for Family Ties "Oops" episode (Television Entertainment)
  • WRKS-FM for "The Stork Doesn't Work Alone" (Radio Documentary)
  • Parents magazine for "Genetic Counselors: How They Can Help and How They Can't" (Magazine Feature)
  • Los Angeles Times for nine editorials on the subject of reproductive rights (Newspaper Editorial)
  • Honorable mention certificates to:
    • KUHT-TV for A Baby Maybe: To Be or Not To Be a Parent (Television Documentary)
    • WFSB-TV for "Babies Shouldn't Die" (Television News)
    • Newsweek magazine for "Infertility" (Magazine Feature)
    • Family Circle magazine for "How Women Feel About Abortion: An Exclusive Family Circle Survey" (Magazine Feature)
    • Glamour magazine for "The Battle Over Abortion:" (Magazine News)
    • Charlotte News and Observer for "Growing Up in the '80's" (Newspaper Feature)
    • Gannett News Service for outstanding coverage of the issues surrounding abortion (Newspaper Feature)


  • Hearst/ABC Video Services for Where Do Babies Come From? (Television Documentaries)
  • WDAY-TV for "Opening of the Fargo Abortion Clinic" (Television News)
  • Glamour magazine for "Contraceptive Update The Latest on What's Right or Wrong for You" (Magazine News)
  • Glamour magazine for "My Abortion Why It Was The Most Difficult Decision I May Ever Have To Make (Magazine Feature)
  • Honorable Mention Certificates to
    • Group W Production for Hour Magazine show featuring Ann Landers speaking out on the need to keep abortion legal (Television Editorial)
    • WFAA-TV, for a five-part series on infertility (Television Public Affairs)
    • Seventeen magazine for "Sex and Your Body" (Magazine Feature)
    • WSB for continuous enlightened programming efforts (Radio Public Affairs)


  • David Greene/Finnegan Associates for The Choice
  • Honorable Mention Certificates to
    • Dan Curtis Associates for "I Think I'm Having a Baby"
    • The MacNeil/Lehrer Report for "Medicaid Abortion"
    • Hour Magazine for "How We Can Encourage Teens to Be Sexually Responsible"
    • David Sawyer and Victoria Hamburg for "So Many Voices: A Look at Abortion in America"


  • Michael Hirsh and Station WTTW/Chicago Public Television for Guess Who's Pregnant: An Update


  • Tandem/Tat Production House: for three television episodes on adolescent pregnancies, in One Day at a Time, Good Times, and In the Beginning

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