Twenty-six Baseless and Politically Motivated Allegations Against Planned Parenthood Dismissed



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Published: 08.03.12| Updated: 08.03.12

Statement by Peter B. Brownlie
President & CEO of Planned Parenthood
of Kansas and Mid-Missouri

Late Thursday, Johnson County District Judge Stephen Tatum dismissed 26 misdemeanor charges at the request of Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe, supporting Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri’s contention in March these charges should never have been filed. This is a significant victory for Planned Parenthood and women and families who rely on us for health care. While 32 charges remain, we are pleased that these charges have been rightfully dismissed. The only reason they were made was the political beliefs of an ideological prosecutor, Phill Kline. 

The dismissal of these charges is a strong blow against those who have been using this case to further their political agenda to eliminate access to abortion care and harm Planned Parenthood. It makes clear what Planned Parenthood has said throughout this case: that Kline, Brownback and their supporters are willing to use any means they can to accomplish their ends, including misusing the law enforcement and judicial systems at great taxpayer expense.

For eight years, Planned Parenthood has been consistent in our determination to protect the medical privacy of women who rely on us for safe, legal reproductive health care, and in our assertion the allegations made in 2007 have no factual or legal foundation.

Since the case first began with the inquisition launched by Phill Kline in 2003, Planned Parenthood has been exonerated of these allegations four times. Throughout the case, Kline and his allies showed shameless disregard for the legal system and for women seeking reproductive health care. Disciplinary charges of misconduct by Kline and his staff in handling the Planned Parenthood case, brought by the state’s disciplinary administrator, are pending in the Kansas Supreme Court. Kline has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars from Kansas and Johnson County taxpayers in pursuit of his political agenda.

It is regrettable that the taxpayers of Johnson County and Planned Parenthood will continue to waste precious resources on this politically-motivated inquisition initiated by Phill Kline almost eight years ago on the remaining charges. It would be far better to devote those resources to meeting the health needs of Kansas women and preventing unintended pregnancies – the only sure way to reduce abortion in Kansas.

We look forward to arguing our motions and to seeing all remaining charges dismissed. We believe in the judicial system and that justice will prevail.

Planned Parenthood has always provided high quality women’s health care and faithfully follows the law. We continue to focus on our mission to ensure that every individual has the knowledge, opportunity and freedom to make informed private decision about reproductive and sexual health. Women’s health care, including reproductive health care, must be a priority. It is a basic right of individuals, and a basic need of communities.

For further information, please see the Case Timeline and Background.



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