Thanksgiving Gratitude

Published: | Updated: 11.24.11

happy thanksgiving

Dear Friend,


I cherish Thanksgiving.  It’s such an important time for family and friends, and reflecting on the precious things dear to us.  At this time of Thanksgiving, I am so very grateful for

  • The tens of thousands of patients we get to serve each year
  • The Pence Amendment being defeated by the Senate
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requiring health insurers cover birth control pills with no co-pay
  • Community partners who help us reach new populations for our educational programs and health services
  • Mississippi citizens defeating the “personhood” amendment
  • The tens of thousands of educators and teens we get to train each year
  • Our loyal, pro-choice legislators
  • A passionate, dedicated staff who always are working for our patients
  • Journalists who tell the true story of Planned Parenthood’s work
  • Donors like you who tirelessly advocate for Planned Parenthood and our mission!


To borrow a phrase from John Tierney in the NY Times, I have the “attitude of gratitude”, and hope you do too.


Many thanks for your continued support,
Reina sig
Reina Schiffrin, MPH
Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic



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