Radio Ads: We're Here for You, No Matter What

Published: 04.10.08| Updated: 04.10.08

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles has launched a new marketing campaign, using a series of radio ads which promise: “We’re here for you, no matter what.”

The ads promote the broad spectrum of vital reproductive health care that Planned Parenthood offers, including birth control and education, cancer screenings and testing for sexually transmitted diseases, among other services.

Based on research, the ads were tailored to fit Los Angeles’ diverse make-up and were recorded in English and Spanish. The radio ads tell the stories of our clients—the kinds of stories that we at Planned Parenthood hear every day.

In one a woman declares “Mistakes happen and I was way too embarrassed to see my regular doctor about my HPV. Planned Parenthood gave me a cancer screening and tested, treated and gave me the information I needed to stay healthy AND safe in the future.” In another ad, a father says, “I'm a single dad of a beautiful 15-year-old girl…it's really hard for me to talk about sex and protection. I know it's my responsibility but I need help. Luckily, I took her to Planned Parenthood and a counselor talked to both of us and gave us information on birth control, safe sex and even abstinence.”

Planned Parenthood is the largest private reproductive health care provider in Los Angeles County and the nation. Nationally, one in four women has visited a Planned Parenthood health center. In Los Angeles alone, we reach 93,000 women, men and teens with health care each year.

Listen to all five of our ads below, and on KIIS-FM (102.7), Power 106 (KPWR-FM 105.9) and La Raza (KLAX-FM 97.9).

Radio Ad: Cancer Screening (English)

Radio Ad: Cancer Screening (Spanish)

Radio Ad: No Insurance (English)

Radio Ad: STD Test (English)

Radio Ad: Single Dad (Spanish)

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