PPSE Condemns Latest Round of Racist Billboards

Atlanta Women Need Greater Access to Prevention Services, not Fear Tactics and Mistrust


Leola Reis, VP, External Affairs
404-688-9305, 312

Published: | Updated: 06.28.11

ATLANTA, GA – On June 15, the anti-choice Radiance Foundation and Issues4Life Foundation launched new racially charged billboard campaigns in Atlanta and Oakland, CA.

“These billboards are the latest attempt to turn abortion into a racial wedge issue by using misinformation and divisive language,” said Kay Scott, CEO of Planned Parenthood in Atlanta. "The implication is that African-American women don’t know what is best for them and cannot be trusted to make good decisions for themselves and their families. That is insulting and outrageous.”

Planned Parenthood health centers are in a number of communities without providers of affordable reproductive health services.  Planned Parenthood is known as a trusted health care provider and a safe place for clients to discuss their most personal and private health care issues.

“Instead of working with us to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions, the sponsors of these billboards spread misinformation and fear,” continued Ms. Scott. “They want to deny all women the ability to make important, private, personal medical decisions, and they are using false charges and race as a divisive tactic to accomplish that goal with African Americans.”

Planned Parenthood believes that every woman, regardless of her race or ethnic background, should have the ability to make personal medical decisions in consultation with her medical professional, family, faith leader or anyone she trusts. Planned Parenthood is committed to reducing racial disparities in reproductive health care, and will continue to work for a health care system that treats all people with dignity and provides affordable, high-quality care.


PPSE has served the Greater Atlanta area community for nearly 50 years and is a trusted provider of high-quality, affordable health care for thousands of women and men.  PPSE is committed to making health care services available to those in need in communities across Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

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