Protesters Gather Outside New Planned Parenthood Clinic in Ferndale (MyFoxDetroit)

Published April 2, 2012, by WJBK,

By Robin Schwartz.

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Published: 04.02.12| Updated: 04.24.12

Protesters Gather Outside New Planned Parenthood Clinic in Ferndale:

FERNDALE, Mich. (WJBK) -- Planned Parenthood is opening its first location in Oakland County on Woodward in Ferndale. It didn't take long for protesters to gather outside on Monday.

Pro life demonstrators lined up with signs. Many of the posters depicted fetuses following an abortion.

The demonstrators with Citizens for a Pro Life Society said they were there to stop the killing of innocent human beings.

"Whether it's the baby's a fetus or even only a couple cells large, I believe that it's murder all the same," said protester Joseph Kucel.

"It's really shameful that Ferndale has invited with open arms a place like this," said Monica Migliorino Miller, another protester.

No abortions will be performed at the clinic, but workers will refer young women to other clinics that do perform them.

Former Mayor Craig Covey, now an Oakland County commissioner, said he was glad the clinic is in Ferndale.

"I've been a huge fan on Planned Parenthood for 30 years. They perform amazing services for women, mostly in the health care area," he remarked.

However, Covey said he also welcomes the demonstrators. He and the Planned Parenthood CEO said they support the group's right to free speech.

"When women walk through this door, if they feel desperate, if they feel that they are under pressure in a crisis pregnancy, that's what ultimately Planned Parenthood is going to do, give them an abortion referral," Miller said.

"We're about health care for women defined as they define it," said Lori Lamerand with Planned Parenthood. "It's all about ensuring that women get what they need in the way that they define it in the context of their own values."

"Could it be wrong to provide access to abortion? I don't believe there's a right and wrong in it. I think that's the decision the woman carrying the child has to make between herself and her higher power," said Jim McLuckie, who supports the clinic.

In spite of the opposition, the clinic plans to start accepting patients on Wednesday.

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