Pro-life protesters respond to Ferndale Planned Parenthood Opening (The Review Ferndale)

Published by the Ferndale Review.

By Victoria Mitchell.


Published: 03.28.12| Updated: 04.24.12

Anti-abortion protesters lined Woodward Avenue Monday spreading their pro-life messages in front of the newly opened Planned Parenthood health clinic in Ferndale.

Some recited the Lord’s prayer while others held placards with pictures of aborted fetuses asking motorists to honk their horns in support.

But despite how the about 35 peaceful protesters got their messages across, they agreed they do not welcome the new Oakland County Planned Parenthood location.

Protest organizer Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens For a Pro-Life Society, said Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States, performing one-third of all abortions out of their clinics.

“Our main goal is to draw attention to the fact Planned Parenthood kills,” she said.

Miller said she can’t believe Ferndale city leaders are supporting the clinic’s opening.

“This is not about serving women,” she said. “This is about serving their agenda.”

City Council members along with Oakland County Commissioner Craig Covey, D-Ferndale, showed their support and gratitude for the Ferndale Planned Parenthood health clinic during the March 26 city council meeting.

They unanimously agreed having a clinic in Ferndale offering free and reduced medical services for women is in alignment with the City’s vision.

Ann Heler, FernCare president, echoed the sentiment of city officials, saying she looks forward to partnering with Planned Parenthood.

Covey said Oakland County has the second largest number of low-income women without health insurance in Michigan.

He said more than half of all pregnancies in Michigan are unplanned, and two-thirds of those births are then publicly-funded, costing state taxpayers $282 million annually.

Planned Parenthood services include annual exams, birth control, information about abnormal pap tests, STI testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, rapid HIV testing and education, and pregnancy options information.

Planned Parenthood representatives said the Ferndale location is also committed to the LGBTQ community, believing everyone should have access to quality reproductive health care, regardless of their sexual expression or sexual orientation.

The Ferndale location does not offer abortions.

Catholic Katie Dux said although the Ferndale location may not perform abortions, it would be passing out referrals.

Dux said she joined the quiet protest “to defend unborn human beings.”

Miller said she fears the Ferndale location will offer abortions in the future.

“We’re very concerned about what is happening in this clinic,” Miller said, adding there are plenty of health care clinics for women which do not provide abortions, including the Tri-County Metro Detroit Community Health Centers for the Uninsured.

Agnes Ginardi, 18, said Planned Parenthood offers birth control pills, which is another way of ending life.

Ginardi said a lot of people don’t understand what birth control actually does, calling the pill “death control.”

“We’re against the opening of this Planned Parenthood because they will be offering referrals and birth control,” she said.

Planned Parenthood representatives said they believe each person should be free to decide when and whether to be a parent so that every child is wanted and loved.

Ginardi is a member of Crusaders For Life, a group of young adults and teenagers ranging in age from 13-30 standing for “love, joy and life.”

The group operates through the philosophy of showing the joy and happiness that comes from being pro-life, and not the sadness and anger normally associated with the movement.

Crusaders For Life members lined Woodward singing, dancing, and waving their signature bright yellow “Life” balloons and an American flag.

Jenny Pozniak, 40 Days For Life member, said she attended the protest to support freedom of choice – the choice to choose life.

“No protests,” Pozniak said. “Just praying that moms choose life.”

Planned Parenthood is located at 23338 Woodward Ave., south of Woodward Heights in the former Primecare Medical Center location.

The Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Woodward Avenue location 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 3.



Planned Parenthood supporters and city officials gather Tuesday for the ribbon-cutting event celebrating the clinic's Ferndale opening.

The Planned Parenthood Ferndale Health Center celebrated Tuesday afternoon with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce.

Zero pro-life protesters were at the event or seen anywhere near the clinic during the event bringing together Planned Parenthood representatives and supporters, city officials, and local business owners.

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