PPWNM Statement on HHS Ruling Regarding Birth Control without Co-pays

Published: 08.02.11| Updated: 08.02.11

Statement from Katherine Humphrey, President/CEO Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan, on HHS Ruling regarding Birth Control without Co-pays 

“We were thrilled when we heard the HHS announcement. Initially, women on new private insurance plans no longer will have to choose between birth control or cancer screening, and putting food on the table or a roof over their heads. And, over time, the same coverage for women’s preventive health care will be required of all private health insurance plans under the health care reform law. Additionally, while this mandate applies only to private health insurance plans, there is existing protection that already guarantees Medicaid patients access to family planning services without co-pays. 

“As the health care delivery and reimbursement systems evolve over the next several years, Planned Parenthood’s doors will be open to every person, every family, and every community that we serve. We know that having essential, preventive health care available to women without co-pays or cost-sharing will make it easier for them to make healthy choices. It will help make it possible for women to plan their families, prevent disease, and take charge of their health and their wellness. This is an historic time for women, children, families, and communities across the country.” 

HHS News release:

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