PPNNE's Statement on Congressman Stupak and Pitts amendment on Affordable Health Care for America Act (H.R. 3962)

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England's official statement


Jill Krowinski
Director of Communications

Published: 11.07.09| Updated: 11.11.09

Tonight, the House is prepared to consider the Affordable Health Care for America Act (H.R. 3962), landmark legislation intended to ensure that millions of Americans have accessible, affordable health care.  As a health care provider to nearly 55,000 women and families, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE) is very aware of how important it is that we reform our nation’s health care system.  Unfortunately, women’s health has been put on the line in the process.

Make no mistake about it – the Stupak-Pitts amendment is the most extreme of any anti-women’s health amendment considered (all of which have been rejected outright) by the five committees of jurisdiction.  It is unquestionably a ban on abortion coverage under health care reform.

PPNNE urges Congressman Hodes, Congressman Michaud, Congresswoman Pingree, Congresswoman Shea-Porter, and Congressman Welch to oppose the Stupak-Pitts amendment.  A NO vote on the Stupak-Pitts amendment will be considered a vote in support of women’s health.

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