PP to Seek Injunction against Family Planning Defunding in Kansas Budget

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Planned Parenthood to Seek Injunction Against Family Planning Defunding in Kansas Budget

Protecting access to affordable reproductive health care for KS women is #1 priority

Overland Park, KS – Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri (PPKM) filed suit today in federal district court in Kansas City seeking to prevent the enforcement of the Title X family planning defunding amendment passed in the Kansas budget during the 2011 legislative session and signed by Governor Sam Brownback. For more than 25 years, PPKM has been an integral part of the federal family planning program -- Title X -- providing life-saving cancer screenings, breast exams, birth control and basic family planning to low-income and uninsured Kansas women, men and teens.

PPKM is arguing that the defunding amendment, which was purposely designed to make Planned Parenthood ineligible to continue to receive federal Title X family planning funds in Kansas, violates federal law and the constitutional rights of PPKM and its patients.

PPKM is being represented by Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) as well as attorneys from Arnold & Porter LLP and Wichita-based lawyer, Lee Thompson, in the lawsuit against the state.

As the state’s largest and most qualified reproductive health care provider, each year, Planned Parenthood serves more than 5,700 different individuals through the Title X program in Kansas, providing more than 3,000 pap tests and 3,000 breast exams, 9,000 birth control visits, and 18,000 STD tests to them. The defunding amendment unfairly punishes low-income and uninsured women, men and teens by eliminating their ability to access their provider of choice.

“Ensuring every patient continues to receive affordable family planning services and basic preventive health care, without interruption, is always our primary concern. Unfortunately, Governor Brownback and his allies in the legislature put the health of thousands of their constituents at risk by eliminating funding for a trusted community health care provider,” said Peter Brownlie, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri. Women in Kansas need better access to affordable, high quality health care, not politically-motivated barriers.”

As the law stands, Planned Parenthood will not receive any Title X family planning money as of July 1. 

Without Title X funds, Planned Parenthood will be unable to provide family planning services as well as other preventive health care services on a sliding fee scale over the long-term, leaving many Kansas women, men and teens without basic preventive health care.

“This budget amendment is contrary to federal law, impermissibly penalizes Planned Parenthood, and has the effect of restricting Kansans’ access to health care,” said PPFA Senior Staff Attorney Helene Krasnoff. “We hope the court will ensure Planned Parenthood can continue to provide Title X services to these women, men and teens.”

“It’s disappointing that instead of focusing on expanding family planning and sex education programs, we are once again having to spend time responding to politically-motivated health care attacks. Planned Parenthood will continue to stand up for Kansans’ right to access affordable, quality reproductive health care,” added Brownlie.

FACT: The funds at issue can ONLY be used for family planning services, including annual exams, Pap smears and birth control. 

FACT: Title X family planning funds are prohibited by law from paying for abortions.

FACT: Planned Parenthood health centers in Wichita and Hays, which receive Title X family planning funding, do not provide abortion services and are a separately, licensed entity from Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.

FACT: According to the Guttmacher Institute, every $1 spent on family planning services in Kansas saves the state $6.14 in Medicaid-related costs.

For a copy of the Filed Complaint, please click here.


Published: | Updated: 06.27.11

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