Planned Parenthood Wants to Help Families Talk About Sex

Goal of 100 parent workshops in October


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Published: 10.07.09| Updated: 10.08.09

SEATTLE—Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and other coalition partners want to help parents in the state of Washington talk to their children about sex. A new campaign called “Washington Talks” sets the goal of teaching or facilitating 100 workshops for parents throughout the state in the month of October.

Surveys indicate that teens rank their parents as the primary influence on their sexual decisions. For this reason, the Washington Talks workshops will emphasize the importance of parents bringing their values to any family discussions about sex and relationships.

Studies have shown how parents, guardians, and caregivers can help children develop healthy self-esteem and body image, healthy feelings about being female or male, and lifelong positive values about sexuality.

The workshops will teach parents communication skills and support them in opening a dialog with their children about family values, decisions, and boundaries around health and sexuality issues. Sessions are appropriate for parents of kids who are defined as; early childhood, kids entering puberty, and teens.

Local groups and organizations are encouraged to host a workshop. For information on hosting a workshop or the location of a workshop in your area, please go to www.ppgnw/watalks. Spanish-language workshops will also be available.


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