Planned Parenthood sues to open clinic in Auburn Hills (The Oakland Press)

Posted on The Oakland Press on June 23, 2011.

By Shaun  Byron of the Oakland Press.

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Published: 06.23.11| Updated: 06.28.11

Planned Parenthood is arguing a neighboring property owner is improperly using a deed restriction to shut down a site in Oakland County, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

In documents filed May 31, attorneys for Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan argue Shri-Krishna Group LLC — the owners of a neighboring property that includes the Comfort Suites  —are using a pre-existing deed restriction to keep a once empty building in the 1500 block of Opdyke Road from being used.

Planned Parenthood officials bought the vacant building last November with the intention of renovating the property for medical offices, according the lawsuit.

The two properties in question were at one-time owned by a single entity.

The former owner had signed a deed restriction, which requires the land bought by Planned Parenthood to be used only for “restaurant, retail or office,” according to the lawsuit.

Planned Parenthood attorneys argue this shouldn’t keep the site from being used for medical offices.

The zoning ordinances for Auburn Hills also allow for the property to be used for medical offices.

The lawsuit accuses the neighboring property owners of committing slander, saying they wrote letters to city leaders in an attempt to keep Planned Parenthood from operating at the site.

The neighboring property owners are also accused of violating the Americans With Disabilities Act because the offices were intended to provide medical assistance to a variety of people.

Attorneys for Shri-Krishna Group owners were not available for comment.

Planned Parenthood officials state the Shri-Krishna Group is being used as a “political pawn by interest groups.”

Citizens for a Pro-life Society have protested against Planned Parenthood using the site from the beginning, arguing there are plans to open an abortion clinic at the location.

The anti-abortion organization also argues attorneys for Planned Parenthood failed to properly notify the Shri-Krishna Group of their plans to conduct abortions at the site.

Planned Parenthood officials, however, have stated the office would provide core services and preventive health care, such as cancer screenings, annual exams and birth control.

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