Planned Parenthood Scores Two Legislative Victories in Budget Bill

Commonsense Health Care Prevails with Increase in Title X Family Planning Funding; No Increase in Funds for Dangerous Abstinence-Only Programs


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Published: 12.20.07| Updated: 12.20.07

Planned Parenthood of Idaho (PPI) praised Congress today for passing a budget bill that provides the largest increase in Title X family planning funding since 2000. The budget bill includes $299.9 million dollars for Title X family planning funding. This is $16.8 million more than the FY2006–2007 funding level, and will provide tens of thousandsmore women and families access to family planning and prevention services.

In addition, for the first time, Congress allocated no additional funds for dangerous and ineffective abstinence-only programs. Congress rejected President Bush’s request for increased funds for these programs. Recent studies, including a congressional study, have found that abstinence-only programs don’t work and don’t delay initiation of sex.

The final budget bill that passed Congress represents a positive step for preventive and reproductive health care, and includes key legislative wins for PPFA.

“Increasing funding for Title X has been one of Planned Parenthood’s top priorities under our Prevention First agenda. Planned Parenthood worked with pro-family planning champions in Congress to secure this additional funding, and we are pleased that it passed. Every dollar invested in family planning and preventive care helps women and couples prevent unintended pregnancy and plan strong, healthy families,” said PPI president and CEO Rebecca Poedy.

The Title X family planning program provides funding for family planning services for millions of low-income patients in areas such as contraceptive services; breast and cervical cancer screening; sexually transmitted infection (including HIV) prevention, testing and education; and related counseling services.

The final budget bill adds no new funding to the Community-Based Abstinence Education (CBAE) program, a step in the right direction toward ending ineffective abstinence-only programs. This is positive news for America’s teens, as federal funding should be directed toward comprehensive sex education programs that will keep teens healthy — by including information about abstinence as well as contraception, healthy communication, responsible decision making, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.


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