Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Expands ICYC Textline and Introduces Text Reminder Programs

Changing how people access sexual health care


Rebecca Sunshine



Published: 09.12.13| Updated: 09.16.13

DENVER— Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is proud to regionally launch three new text messaging programs: In Case You’re Curious (ICYC), as well as a text reminder program for birth control and patient appointments. PPRM is using these technologies to reach a broader, more tech-savvy audience and to aid teens, as well as adults, in receiving the information they need to stay on top of their sexual health, in a format they are comfortable receiving it.

The In Case You’re Curious (ICYC) text line allows teens to confidentially ask sexual health questions via a text message. The program is simple; just text “ICYC” to 57890. Then text questions whenever you have them. A highly-trained Responsible Sex Education Institute staff member will answer each question within 24-hours. Standard text messaging rates apply.

“The program offers teens and youth a new resource for asking sexual health questions and more importantly, getting medically accurate, reliable answers to those questions,” said Marie Logsden, vice president of the Responsible Sex Education Institute.

ICYC reaches teens where they already are. According to Pew Research, 78% of those ages 12-17 have a cell phone and 75% of all teens text.

“ICYC is a great tool for parents as well. Sometimes there is language or slang that teens use relating to sex that parents might not know and can text ICYC to decipher what their teen is talking about.  Parents can also use ICYC as a supplement to the information they have given their teens about sex and sexual health care,” said Logsden.

Teens can also access ICYC through videos on YouTube or through Instagram.

In conjunction with giving teens and adults the ability to receive answers to all of their sexual health questions via text message, PPRM has launched text reminders for birth control and appointments. Text reminders are an opt-in service that will allow individuals to be reminded to refill their prescription or remind them of an upcoming appointment. This is particularly important since missing days of birth control as a result of forgetting to pick up a new pack or pills, patches or rings will result in reduced levels of efficacy.

To sign up for the birth control reminders, individuals simply text Pill, Patch, Ring or Shot, depending on their specific method of birth control, to 57890. From there they will receive a text reminder as appropriate for their birth control method. At any point an individual can text STOP to opt-out of the text reminder services. For more information on the text reminder service, click here.


Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains empowers individuals and families in the communities we serve to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health by providing high quality health services, comprehensive sex education, and strategic advocacy.  More than 120,000 women, men, and young adults annually visit our 30 health centers throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, and Wyoming.  Since 1916, we have been the region’s most trusted provider of reproductive health care.  For more information about Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, call 1.800.230.PLAN or visit for the health center nearest you.

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