Planned Parenthood Responds to Ruling Involving Anti-Choice Protestor

Federal Government Argued that Protestor Violated Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act



Monica McCafferty

Published: 01.26.12| Updated: 01.27.12

DENVER Ė While Planned Parenthood is extremely disappointed in Judge Brimmerís decision before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, Planned Parenthood remains committed to assuring that women and men are able to access medical services in a safe and secure environment.

Lawsuits often turn on technical issues of evidence and procedure. You donít need legal technicalities to recognize that Mr. Scott blatantly obstructed and interfered with women and men who were trying to obtain basic health care such as life-saving cancer screenings, birth control, PAP tests, STD testing and treatment, and other essential care. Itís as plain as day, even if a judge chose not to see it.

Nothing in the judgeís decision will alter Planned Parenthoodís commitment to using every legal tool available to stop those driven by ideology from interfering with and intimidating patients seeking health care services and the doctors and nurses who take care of them.

Although a federal judge concluded otherwise, Planned Parenthood remains committed to the belief that women and men have the right to obtain health care without being intimidated and obstructed. We are here for the more than 120,000 patients who visit Planned Parenthood annually for reproductive health services. Our patientsí safety and health are our top priorities.


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