Planned Parenthood on NDSU’s Decision to Freeze Teen Pregnancy Prevention Funding: “When it comes to the health and future of our kids, politics should have no place.”

Recently, North Dakota State University (NDSU) froze funding for a federal grant that established a partnership between Planned Parenthood and NDSU to provide Fargo’s most vulnerable teens with sex education to reduce teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection rates. The following is a statement from Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota President & CEO, Sarah Stoesz.


Jen Aulws


Published: | Updated: 01.29.13

“We’re very troubled by this situation.  A minority of politicians at the legislature are determined to pressure NDSU into ending this program, even though it could greatly improve health outcomes for young people in the state. This is politics at its worst.

“It’s unfortunate that NDSU would allow this program to be held hostage by a group of legislators who have an ideological agenda and are opposed to Planned Parenthood. This amounts to political maneuvering at the expense of kids’ health.”

“This program needs to move forward.  It will provide North Dakota’s most vulnerable youth with strong, clear messages about abstinence as well as medically accurate information about human reproduction and disease transmission.”

Between 1991 and 2008 there were around 13,000 teen births in North Dakota, costing taxpayers a total of $300 million over that period. When it comes to the health and future of our kids, politics should have no place.”


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