Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Launches Activities Around Octoberís Letís Talk Month

Alison Gaulden, VP of Nevada Public Affairs

Published: 10.25.11| Updated: 10.25.11

Reno, NV – A recent national poll, “Let’s Talk: Are Parents Tackling Crucial Conversations about Sex?,” found that only forty-three percent of parents say they feel very comfortable talking with their children about sex and sexual health.  During October’s Let’s Talk Month, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte is highlighting services that encourage parents to talk to their children about these issues, including one-on-one education sessions. 
On Friday, October 21, Alice 96.5 radio talents Bill and Connie hosted a live remote broadcast at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s Fifth Street Health Center in Reno.  Educators were on hand to answer questions and distribute information to parents and teens on how to have open conversations about sexual health.
These conversations encompass a wide range of sexuality-related topics and parents should be prepared for any questions that may arise.  Recent polling shows that while most parents talk to their children about relationships (92 percent) and share their own personal values of when sex should or should not take place (87 percent), they typically shy away from tougher subjects including birth control and how to say no to sex.
These new findings highlight the importance of Let’s Talk Month.  Planned Parenthood Mar Monte will continue to work throughout the entire month of October to educate parents on how to talk to their children about a full range of sexual health topics.  For additional resources and tips for parents, please visit

The “Let’s Talk: Are Parents Tackling Crucial Conversations about Sex?” poll, conducted by Knowledge Networks, is a probability-based random sample recruited and maintained by Knowledge Networks and represents 97 percent of U.S households.  A random stratified nationally representative sample of 1,111 parents of children aged 10–18 was selected from panel participants.  The poll was conducted from August 23 to August 29, 2011.  The margin of error is +/- 3 percent.

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