Planned Parenthood Goes to Court for Patient Access to Healthcare

Statement from Janet Colm, President and CEO
Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina

Paige Johnson, VP Public Policy

Published: 08.10.11| Updated: 08.10.11

“We are in court today to stand up for the health and rights of our patients who need access to basic health care, including annual exams, life-saving cancer screenings and birth control.
We believe the arguments and evidence are clear: the Special Provision banning Planned Parenthood from doing business with the State, passed by the legislature despite a gubernatorial veto, is contrary to federal law, penalizes Planned Parenthood and denies health care to some of North Carolina’s most vulnerable populations.
Our hope is that the court will act swiftly and decisively so that Planned Parenthood patients may continue to receive affordable and timely preventive health care from their trusted provider”

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