Planned Parenthood gets judge's OK for site in Auburn Hills (Detroit News)

Published January 11, 2012 by the Detroit News.

By Mike Martindale of the Detroit News.

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Published: 01.11.12| Updated: 01.18.12

Auburn Hills — Upset by a judge's ruling allowing Planned Parenthood to open a controversial clinic, abortion foes vowed Tuesday to fight any efforts to perform abortions at the facility.

Judge James M. Alexander of Oakland Circuit Court ruled Tuesday that Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan has the right to build and operate a medical office on property purchased in November 2010.

An adjacent property owner on Opdyke Road had sought to have Alexander enforce a covenant that the owner believed barred such a facility. Alexander found the case "a straightforward property dispute" on land that is zoned business, which includes medical offices.

Monica Migliorino Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society said in a statement the group was "filled with great sorrow and disappointment today."

"Judge Alexander's ruling will lead to the killing of innocent human life when Planned Parenthood opens the doors of this clinic," she said. "The judge can claim all he wants that this is just a property dispute issue, but tell that to the innocent unborn who will be put to death within the walls of that property."

Planned Parenthood officials have said the group had not determined what services would be provided at the clinic. Alan Greene, an attorney for Planned Parenthood, did not return a call for comment Tuesday.

James Carey, an attorney for the Shri Sai-Krishna Group, which owns the Comfort Inn, did not rule out an appeal, but said none is planned.

"If they want to have their headquarters there, hold conferences there, or even counsel people there, that's all within the law, and we have no problem with it," he said. "Our concern is surgeries, medical waste."

"That's not the type of facility my clients feel would be conducive to their hotel business — whether we're talking abortions or plastic surgery."

For more than a year, the property and an unfinished structure sat unused while the matter played out in court over the covenant, which SSKG felt limited the site to "restaurant, retail or office usage." Planned Parenthood sued SSKG in May 2011 over that interpretation.

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