Planned Parenthood at Center of Budget Debate

A lot of the discussion over the federal budget has involved funding for Planned Parenthood.

On Thursday, thousands rallied in Washington against the proposal to cut all federal money from the organization since one of its functions is to provide abortion services.

Here in this area, Planned Parenthood's two local offices provide about 12,000 medical visits a year to mostly lower-income women, but neither facility performs abortions. Tara Broderick, CEO for Planned Parenthood in Northeast Ohio, said "by cutting Planned Parenthood, women in the Mahoning Valley are going to be cut off from preventitive, primary care."

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Published: 04.08.11| Updated: 04.08.11

Published: 4/08 3:51 pm
Updated: 4/08 9:54 pm Youngstown, OH


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