Planned Parenthood Calls on Gov. Snyder to Veto Anti-Women's Health Bills

Published: 12.15.12| Updated: 12.15.12

Statement from Katherine Humphrey, President/CEO of Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan:

"Women in Michigan deserve access to safe, legal, medical care. For Michigan lawmakers to use this lame duck session to push through a political agenda counter to the will of the people as displayed on election day is outrageous.

"Under these bills, women will pay the price with their rights, their health, and their lives. These restrictions won't do a thing to improve patient care or safety. In fact they will actually drive up health care costs for patients and drive health providers out of existence.

"Tell Gov. Snyder to stop jeopardizing lives and defying the will of the people, and to get back to creating jobs, rebuilding our economy, and creating more opportunties for the citizens of our state."


LANSING, MI  In the final days of the 2011-2012 Michigan Legislative Session, state lawmakers are striking a last-minute blow to women by sending a package of anti-women's health bills to Gov. Rick Snyder. Only weeks after a Presidential election where women's votes were pivotal, state legislators passed bills today that jeopardize women's health care and essentially ban access to abortion in Michigan. If signed into law, HB 5711 will:

  • Impose such unreasonable requirements on health care centers, that access to safe and legal abortion could effectively be banned in Michigan;
  • Prevent doctors from providing care to women in rural communities through the use of technology  even though 21 out of Michigan's 83 counties lack even one OBGYN.

Also passed by the legislature in this lame duck session are SB 1293 and 1294, which would ban all private insurance coverage of abortion  coverage that is currently considered part of the core benefits for 80 percent of insurance companies nationally. There is no exception for insurance coverage ban even in the cases of rape, incest, fetal anomaly, or health of the mother. If a woman wants such coverage, she must buy a separate rider.

Women's health issues played a decisive role in the elections just a month ago, costing five Michigan state representatives who oppose safe and legal abortion their jobs  and keeping President Barack Obama in the White House and Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) in the U.S. Senate.


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