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Published February 3, 2012 on

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Published: 02.03.12| Updated: 02.03.12

It has been two days since Susan G. Komen pulled over half a million dollars in funding from Planned Parenthood.

The move triggered a national response flooding Planned Parenthood with donations.

Locally, Planned Parenthood operations say they have seen an increase in support as well, but are upset with the decision.

Currently there are 17 planned parenthood facilities across Mid-Michigan, providing more than 17,000 breast screenings for women around the area.

The news that Susan G. Komen was pulling its funding was unsettling to Sarah Scranton.

"Planned Parenthood was really disappointed about this decision because after all we do share a common goal with the Komen foundation which is to protect women and advance women's health," Scranton said.

That common goal has left people 6 News talked  to confused and upset.

"I feel like that is what their organization is all about, so for them to take that away, I don't really understand what that is all about," said MSU Freshman Alyssa Engle.

"I think women should have the opportunity to have any resource there is possible, the fact that they would want to take it away is just something that I think is not right whatsoever," said MSU Sophomore Meghan Eustynoski.

Planned Parenthood argues that the grants were pulled because of political pressure, but the founder of Susan G. Komen released a youtube video saying that was not the case, saying they were pulled because of a federal investigation into Planned Parenthood.

"Recently, we implemented new granting strategies and criteria that some have regrettably mis-characterized," said CEO and Founder Nancy Brinker.

Scranton says the drop in funding is not a hit to Planned Parenthood organizations but the thousands of people who use it as their safety net.

"Seventy five percent of our patients, we are their only health care visit and so we need to insure that they can continue to come to our doors and continue to get the care that they need."

Both Michigan Planned Parenthood affiliates have received numerous contributions from supporters, both online and in person.

Scranton says that's great to see but hopes that Susan G. Komen will reconsider their decision.

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