Livonia residents still have plenty of access to abortion services (Observer & Eccentric)

Published March 7, 2013, by Observer and Eccentric.

Written by Karen Smith, Staff Writer.


Published: 03.07.13| Updated: 03.07.13

Livonia residents no longer have an abortion clinic operating in their city, but those seeking abortion services don’t have to travel far to find them, said Lori Lamerand, CEO for Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan.

Lamerand said there are at least seven abortion clinics within 30 minutes of Livonia, including Planned Parenthood’s own Ann Arbor Health Center.

“It’s always difficult for patients when access gets reduced,” she said, referring to the permanent shuttering on Saturday of The Women’s Advisory Center at 27549 W. Six Mile in Livonia. The city’s only other abortion clinic, the WomanCare of Livonia clinic on Five Mile, closed last fall.

But, she said, “I think other providers will be able to pick up whatever slack this closure may cause.”

Lamerand said 30 health centers offer abortion services in Michigan, and most of them are concentrated in southeast Michigan.

She said she believes the Metro Detroit centers are stable.

A clinic recently closed in Muskegon, leaving no abortion clinics north of Saginaw, she said.

She said women from all over the state come to southeast Michigan for services if they can’t find a private practitioner in their area who performs abortions in his or her office.

The Livonia resident said she is “always glad when there’s plenty of access for women.

“If we lived Up North or in Grand Rapids, that would not be the case.”

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