Letter to the Editor: Title X initiative threatens to affect the well-being of our communities, The Rivertowns Enterprise, April 1, 2011

Published: 04.01.11| Updated: 04.01.11

In response to last week's letter that suggested I was using the Enterprise as a "platform for national matters", I must point out the following. The proposed cuts to Title X funding is most definitely a local "matter" that will clearly affect the community in which we all live.  Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic serves men and women in Westchester by providing family planning assistance, gynecological care, STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing, PAP tests, breast cancer screening, prenatal care, and abortion services. We have three centers in Westchester that serve thousands of local residents. The elimination of Title X funds will deeply affect the health and well being of our families and friends. It is truly a local matter that is worth discussing in our local press.

Daphne Philipson

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