Legislation right Rx for women's health

Published: | Updated: 06.14.12

Letter to the Editor
Posted:   05/31/2012 02:00:04 AM PDT

As a nurse, I provide all different types of care for my patients. So when I read about legislation that would allow registered nurses to dispense birth control, I was gratified to see a bill that would build on current nursing practice and existing law to further reduce unintended pregnancy rates. AB 2348 is common-sense legislation which would increase access to birth control for thousands of women who currently have to wait weeks just to get a medical appointment because there aren't enough health center staff to dispense contraception. California has always been a leader in ensuring that women have access to reproductive health care. This bill, which recognizes nurses' skills and allow us to practice to the fullest extent of our scope, is another example of that leadership. Please call Assemblyman Wes Chesbro at (916) 319-2001 today and urge him to vote yes on AB 2348.

Lara Celli, RN

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