January is Cervical Cancer Month

Cervical cancer is a serious concern for women. An estimated 11,150 cases of cervical cancer were diagnosed in the U.S in 2007. And about 4,000 American women died of the disease. Cervical cancer screening can detect cell changes in the cervix before cancer even develops. The changes can be treated and cancer can be prevented. That is why cervical cancer screening is so important.

Pap tests and HPV tests are kinds of cervical cancer screening. Women can get this routine low cost screening at their local Planned Parenthood health care centers. Cervical cancer is the second-most common type of cancer among women worldwide. Cervical cancer is caused by a common sexually transmitted infection, human papilloma virus (HPV)

Planned Parenthood of West Texas (PPWT) provides low cost pap smears. Our Midland and San Angelo centers are part of the Department of State Health Servicesí Breast and Cervical Cancer Services grant.  Funding from this grant pay for services like pap smears and abnormal pap screening and treatment.  PPWT also provides HPV shot at all clinic sites.

More information about Cervical Screenings please call 432/580-9855 ext. 103.


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Published: 01.02.09| Updated: 01.13.09

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