Honor Obama’s pledge on health care reform - The Gainesville Sun Letters to the Editor

Published: 11.30.09| Updated: 01.07.10

When Planned Parenthood attended the very first health care reform discussion at the White House in March, President Obama made it clear that, under health reform, Americans will not lose the benefits they currently have.

Unfortunately, hours before the U.S. House of Representatives was set to vote on the health care reform bill, on Nov. 7, anti-choice forces violated that central tenet with the passage of the Stupak Ban, an amendment that would place unprecedented restrictions on women’s access to private health insurance coverage for abortion care under health care reform.

This measure would prohibit millions of women from using their own money to purchase private insurance that covers abortion care, a benefit offered now by most private health insurance plans.

We urge Congress to honor the president’s solemn promise that Americans who like their present health care coverage can keep it. Women must be able to decide what kind of insurance coverage is best for them and their families.

And insurers must be able to offer coverage for a full array of reproductive health care. Anything less is unacceptable.

Ileana McCray,

Board member,

Planned Parenthood

of North Florida,


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