HARTFORD COURANT: Susan Yolen Blogs About Congress

Published: 02.24.11| Updated: 02.24.11

PPSNE Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy Susan Yolen was a guest blogger on the Courant's "StillSmallVoice: Religion, Faith, Spirituality" by Susan Campbell:

What is it about women as moral decision makers that so infuriates members of the US House?

Many of those who voted late last week to ban all federal funds from going to Planned Parenthood affiliates are men, most of whom are presumably engaged in sexual relationships (only within marriage of course!) with women who are responsibly using contraception to limit their own family size. In the face of a grave economic crisis, what is it about “every public dollar invested in family planning saves $4 within a year” that does not make sense? ...

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