Federal Judge Blocks Abortion Ban in North Dakota


Jen Aulwes

Published: | Updated: 07.22.13

Fargo, ND – Today, a Federal judge blocked North Dakota's law banning abortion as early as six weeks of pregnancy—before many women even know they are pregnant—while the law is being challenged in court by the Center for Reproductive Rights, on behalf of the Red River Women’s Clinic – the state’s only remaining abortion clinic. The following is a statement by Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota President & CEO, Sarah Stoesz.

“We congratulate the Center for Reproductive Rights on their work to make sure that women in North Dakota continue to have access to the health care they need. This ruling means that women throughout the state will have access to safe and legal abortion while the state continues to pursue its attack on women’s health in the courts.”

“North Dakotans made their voices loud and clear during the legislative session – they do not want politicians interfering with women’s personal, medical decision-making. The actions of the legislators in North Dakota do not reflect the will of the people, nor will they stand up to constitutional scrutiny as this lawsuit moves forward.”


For more than 80 years, Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota has worked in our region to make sure all people have the information and the means to make free and responsible decisions about whether and when to have children. Planned Parenthood operates 20 clinics in Minnesota and South Dakota and an Online Health Center, providing quality and affordable family planning, reproductive health care services and education to nearly 64,000 women and men each year.

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