Family Planning Funding Cuts Will Worsen State Budget Woes:


Jennifer Allen, Director of Public Policy
Planned Parenthood VOTES! Washington
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Published: 12.10.09| Updated: 12.14.09

Olympia, WA – The Governor’s budget, released yesterday, does nothing to address a family planning funding crisis which will result in more clinic closures and unintended pregnancies. In the budget, family planning is scheduled to be cut by another $3 million on July 1, 2010, on top of the $500,000 per year cut instituted in the first year of the biennium.
Based on these figures, the state can expect to see over 3,000 additional unintended pregnancies this year among people who have lost services. Additional unintended pregnancy care costs would likely add over $11 million in new state health care costs to the budget the same year the cut is made - resulting in an $8 million cost instead of the $3 million savings the state was seeking with this cut.
Planned Parenthood applauds the Governor for recognizing the budget she was required to put forward yesterday as "balanced but unjust."
“It is indeed unjust to hurt women and families with cuts to critical programs like family planning, maternity support services, and childcare programs when they're already struggling to get through this recession,” said Jennifer Allen, Director of Public Policy, Planned Parenthood VOTES! Washington.
In order for Washington to effectively respond to our national economic downturn, everything needs to be on the table: Planned Parenthood advocates a budget that takes a balanced approach, including not just targeted cuts and reforms to make government more efficient, but also sufficient additional revenue to maintain the essential services so many Washington families depend on. Furthermore, we cannot cut those programs, like family planning, that keep costs down.
The following details the impact of the planned budget cuts on family planning providers and patients:

• Family planning providers are already stretched to the limit by previous budget cuts – four low-income family planning clinics have already closed this year.

• At least 19 more clinics are likely to close – over a quarter of all the low-income family planning clinics in the state – if this cut goes into effect.

• Nearly 12,500 more people would lose access to family planning services because of this funding cut.

Adding salt to the wounds, the federal Center for Medicaid Services is closing the family planning nurse program in 2010 that was formerly available at all 58 Community Service Office / Temporary Assistance for Needy Families sites statewide.

Family planning services are even more critical to individuals and our state during times of economic hardship. Family planning saves money: for every dollar it invests, Washington State saves $4.39 according to the Guttmacher Institute. Reproductive health care not only supports healthy families by allowing people to plan their pregnancies, it keeps state Medicaid, pregnancy care, and other costs down.

In this recession the needs of Washington families are growing, and eliminating the resources to help them is not the answer; an all-cuts budget simply plunges us further into crisis. The proposed cuts in the governor’s budget will hurt Washingtonians, undermine our shared values and compromise Washington's ability to prosper for years to come.


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