Doctor-Patient Interference Bill Heading to Governor

20 Week Abortion Ban Jeopardizes Vulnerable Women’s Health


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Published: 06.10.11| Updated: 06.10.11

MONTGOMERY --  House Bill 18 (HB 18) seeking to ban abortions past 20 weeks regardless of an individual woman’s circumstances, passed out of the Senate Thursday and heads for the desk of Governor Bentley for a signature. “This is dangerous,” said Kay Scott, President/CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast. “Women with high-risk pregnancies, who know that their own lives or their fetuses are at risk, must have every medical option available to them — including ending the pregnancy — to consider in consultation with medical professionals, religious advisers, family members, and other people they trust. Women facing these very personal, difficult decisions need the best care they can get, not interference in the doctor-patient relationship.”

Opponents of the legislation stress that every pregnancy is different and that one size-fits-all legislation will end up causing harm to women and their families.

“This is ill advised legislation that not only puts women’s lives in danger but also creates a new level of bureaucracy that mixes legal and medical requirements that will necessitate increased regulating, reporting and cost,” Ms. Scott said.

“There are over 400,000 women in this state who need greater access to preventive health services. Instead of trying to address that need, legislators put their efforts and support behind a law that will put unsafe barriers between women and their physicians. Legislators and bureaucrats should leave the practice of medicine to qualified doctors.”


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