Big Changes for Birth Control Coverage (WLNS 6 News Lansing)

Posted on WLNS 6 News on August 2, 2011.

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Published: 08.02.11| Updated: 08.02.11

Big news for women tonight.

Under President Obama's health care law, a new expansion will now give women with insurance free access to birth control.

Many women we spoke with say they're excited about the change but not everyone is on board.

Free birth control; not even a co-pay.

Its something many women are excited about.

Emily Sklar, Lansing: "I think its a good idea, its important for women to be able to protect themselves against having unwanted pregnancies if they need to."

Samantha Godwin, Lansing: "I think it's a good idea because birth control costs a lot."

The plan, which is set to take effect in 2013, is also getting support from Planned Parenthood.

Sarah Scranton, Planned Parenthood: "We are very excited, it's a historic victory for women's health. birth control is basic healthcare for women so it is something that should be covered by insurance and it will really help women who have struggled with the cost of birth control."

But that doesn't mean everyone is on board.

Jackie Burch, Lansing: "...because I don't know, I think you should have to pay something to get it."

Burch says free birth control for women with health insurance is a step in the wrong direction.

Burch: "Well I think they'd probably be using it more and having sex more, they don't need to have sex when they're young."

And the Michigan Catholic Conference says the new law will also put catholic groups with employees in a sticky situation.

Director of Communications, Dave Maluchnik says:

"We need to take a closer look at putting in place stronger exemptions for faith based institutions."

But for the most part, women we spoke with say, its about time. 

Emily Sklar, Lansing: "Pregnancies are sometimes a burden that women don't want to go through and if its a way to prevent that and keep people from having abortions that don't need to, I think its a good idea."

But whether you think it's a good idea or not, it's a debate that will rage on.

Of course its not totally free, the cost of the new coverage will be spread among people with health insurance, resulting in slightly higher premiums.

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