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Newly expanded Planned Parenthood office opens in Albany

Published: 09.14.10| Updated: 09.17.10

 Michelle Kim

ALBANY -- The local chapter of Planned Parenthood has officially relocated to its new 18,000-square feet location in the city.

The branch at 855 Central Ave. -- between CVS and Orange Ford, in the same building as existing tenants Mildred Elley and the Austin Beauty School  -- opened Monday, September 13, UHPP officials announced.

"The expanded space will enable UHPP to see more patients and to educate more young people in a comfortable and client-oriented environment," said UHPP president Patricia McGeown in a press release Monday. The new location has increased their capacity by 50 percent, McGeown said.

"While UHPP currently serves more than 8,000 patients in our Albany health center every year," noted McGeown, "demand for our services is rising and it is clear there are many more women and men who need access to the services we provide."

McGeown cited a recent study by The Guttmacher Instititue stating 20,000 women living in Albany County were in need of publicly financed contraceptive services.

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