Planned Parenthood & Protect Families Protect Choice Celebrate Passage of the Birth Control Protection Act

Monica McCafferty

Published: | Updated: 02.26.09

(Denver, Colo) — Today the Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed Senate Bill 225, commonly known as the Birth Control Protection Act, with a vote of 5 to 3 in favor.  The bill aims to distinguish and define birth control separate from abortion.


A clear definition of contraception currently does not exist legally, which has allowed the debate around abortion to extend to safe, effective methods of birth control.  The BCPA comes in aftermath of Amendment 48, which voters defeated during the November 2008 election.  Amendment 48 proposed granting constitutional rights to a fertilized egg, including due process and inalienable rights and could have made certain forms of contraceptives illegal.  The BCPA would essentially remove birth control from the abortion debate.


To lobby support for today’s bill, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, the region’s leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate and provider, along with its Protect Families Protect Choice coalition partners, mobilized supporters at the State Capitol and facilitated conversations with state senators.  This organized effort was part of Pro-Choice Lobby Day, an event hosted by the PFPC coalition.  Nearly one hundred supporters came out to partake in Lobby Day activities.


“Access to a wide range of contraceptive methods is basic health care,” said Vicki Cowart, PPRM president and CEO.  “Ninety-eight percent of sexually active women in the U.S. use contraception at some point during their life. This fundamental right must be protected.”


The bill, having passed out of Committee, will now go to the full Senate floor for a vote.  Senator Betty Boyd sponsored today’s bill.


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