Misinformation Dominates Abortion Debate in Missouri House

Legislators ignore current law and attempt to score political points while passing anti-abortion measure HB1327


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Published: 03.30.10| Updated: 03.30.10

Jefferson City, MO - Today, the Missouri House of Representatives voted to pass HCS HB 1327 & 2000(Davis/Pratt), the Abortion Restriction Bill of 2010.  Planned Parenthood affiliates in Missouri denounce this bill as an effort to further mandate government intrusion between doctor and patient, and between parent and teen, while doing nothing to reduce abortion.

Rather than address unemployment and education, the MO House voted to add even more restrictions to the existing body of over 30 state laws already governing one of the safest medical procedures.  Legislators appeared uninformed about current regulations regarding counseling, reporting, and consent processes that ensure women safe access to abortion and legal protection for young teens.

Under current law, doctors and nurses are mandated to report any suspected abuse.  For girls under 14, any evidence of sexual activity triggers automatic reporting from medical professionals.  HCS HB 1327 & 2000 forces the state in-between parents and teens by requiring the doctor to report teens under 18 to the prosecuting attorney if they seek an abortion, regardless of whether abuse is suspected. Current law already requires minors to have parental consent for abortion, therefore the bill would trigger reporting to the prosecutor over parental objections.

Under current state law, any woman seeking an abortion must sign a consent form stating her decision is completely free and voluntary and then wait at least twenty-four hours before having an abortion.  No state funds or public facilities can be used to provide abortions, unless to save a woman’s life or in cases of rape and incest, insurance companies are prohibited from offering abortion coverage as part of their regular benefits package, and minors must have parental consent before having an abortion.

As the nation’s leading advocate and provider of reproductive health services, Planned Parenthood knows that every woman deserves evenhanded and unbiased information so that she can protect her health and make the best decision for her circumstances.  The additional regulations in this bill are clearly designed to coerce, shame and pressure the woman into making a decision that politicians are dictating and that is not right for her.

The bill mandates political interference, not informed consent.  Comprehensive sex education and increased access to birth control are the best tools for preventing unintended pregnancy and reducing the need for abortion. We are calling on our elected officials to put aside their differences, pass prevention legislation like the Prevention First Act and put the health of women and families first.


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