QCK Quarterly Contraceptive Kits

You may qualify for birth control delivered to you!

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QCK: Quarterly Contraceptive Kits

Tired of having to come into a health center to get your birth control?  Want to save both time and money?  You may be eligible to receive your birth control supplies delivered through the mail. If you qualify for QCK (Quarterly Contraceptive Kits), you will receive:
• Pills or Patch
• Condoms
• Emergency Contraception

Ask our staff if you qualify to receive your birth control by mail on a quarterly basis. We’ll help you get signed up!  

If you qualify for no-cost services through Family Planning Only Services (FPOS) or another BadgerCare Plus program, you may even be eligible for our QCK program at no cost to you.  Ask us about it.  Click here to locate a health center or call 1-800-230-PLAN for the health center nearest you. 


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