Professional Workshops & Tools for Educators

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Tools for Educators

Teaching about sex and sexuality can be challenging, but the benefits for your students make the challenge worth the effort.

At Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, we offer professional training for educators, health care professionals, human services professionals and more.

Most of us aren't comfortable talking about sex, sexuality and reproductive health.  And it can be difficult to discuss these topics in front of a group.  How should you approach the topic?  How do you know if your material is age-appropriate?  Which teaching methods work?

At Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, we've had over 75 years of experience teaching "tough topics."  Now we're sharing that expertise with you.  Whether you are an educator, a health care provider or a human services professional, we have training opportunities to meet your needs.

Together, we'll work to keep Wisconsin safe, healthy and strong!

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Tools for Educators

Teaching about sex can be challenging, but accurate information greatly benefits your students.

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