Pre-Conference Symposium

Community Health Worker & Promotores de Salud
April 29-30, 2013 
9am to 5pm each day

This 1 or 2-day long symposium is designed for Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Promotores de Salud (“Promotores”) as well as managers of programs that utilize CHWs or Promotores.

Day 1 will focus on administrative, funding and research aspects of program planning, implementation and evaluation.

Day 2 will explore the unique role that CHWs and Promotores play in meeting the health education and health advocacy needs of their communities through cultural-competency, relationship building, influencing community health norms, and connecting individuals to health services. Additionally, Day 2 will provide professional development opportunities for CHWs and Promotores, including understanding the potential role of CHWs and Promotores within the Affordable Care Act and as health system navigators, identifying a variety of reliable community resources for services and information, using story-telling for health education and health advocacy, and networking with other CHWs and Promotores, program managers, researchers, and other community leaders. Program managers are encouraged to attend both days. CHWs and Promotores can choose to attend both days or only Day 2. 

Day 1 and part of Day 2 of the symposium will be conducted in English with the other part of Day 2 being conducted in Spanish. Translators will be available. 

Audience: Promotores and Health Promoters from PPWI (20) and other Planned Parenthood affiliates (5), CHWs and Promotores from community partner organizations and agencies (15), and program managers (10). 

Facilitators: PPWI staff and community leaders engaged in CHW and Promotores programs:

  • Maria Barker, PPWI Multicultural Programs Manager
  • Julia Lechuga, PhD, Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin Center for AIDS Research 
  • Father Alvaro, Holy Angel Old Catholic Church 
  • Ana Paula Soares-Lynch, Proyecto Salud 
  • Rosario Angulo, PPWI Bilingual Community Educator 
  • Adrian Jones, PPWI Community Educator

Goal: To disseminate best practices for planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion and disease prevention programs that utilize CHWs or Promotores to provide culturally-competent health education to their own communities. 


  1. Day 1 participants will describe various models for CHW and Promotores programs, and how these programs can bridge gaps in community health education and advocacy needs. 
  2. Day 1 participants will discuss research, including methods, results, and implications for practice, on multiple CHW and Promotores programs. 
  3. Day 1 participants will identify a variety of effective processes for funding, planning, implementing, evaluating and improving their own programs. 
  4. CHWs and Promotores will identify 2 new opportunities for professional growth and development. 
  5. All participants will list 3 new connections for networking and relationship-building opportunities. 

Cost: $250.00 for both days or $150.00 for one day. Includes a light breakfast and lunch each day.

Please see the Conference Summary page for details on location and lodging.

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