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School-based Program
Our programming in schools increases student awareness about human growth and sexuality. We encourage postponement of sexual activity in youth who are not sexually active and access to reproductive health care for those who are. Several 1-2 hour workshops as well as comprehensive 8-12 hour programs are available. These workshops and programs explore the spectrum of human sexuality, ranging from anatomy to values to decision-making. Outcome-based workshops are highly interactive, incorporating group work, role play and games to enhance learning.  Email us for more information.


Community-based Program
1-2 hour workshops for youth explore abstinence, sexually transmitted disease and HIV/AIDS prevention, contraception decision-making and healthy relationships. We also provide 1-2 hour workshops for adults, caregivers and professionals on adult/child communication, sexual and reproductive health, sexuality education and reproductive health updates for youth service providers.  Email us for more information.


Multicultural Program
PPWI ensures equal and full access to all of its educational services for people who are not fluent in English. We provide workshops on adult/child communication relevant to sexuality, and education about the importance of early detection of breast and cervical cancers in both English and Spanish. Workshops are offered in community organizations, churches and other informal settings.  Email us for more information.


Home Health Parties
Our home health parties (HHP) are presented in a relaxed, informal environment to allow participants to be comfortable and feel as welcomed as if they were at their own kitchen table talking with family. These casual workshops offered in Spanish and English, can be tailored to meet the needs of the participants. 
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Breast and Cervical Cancer Education Program
This education and screening program for Hispanic women and men in Dane County provides education to the community about breast and cervical cancer prevention and early detection, information about preventive screenings (including Pap smears, mammograms and clinical breast exams), and helps participants navigate the health care system. Workshops can be provided in either Spanish or English.  Email us for more information.

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